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Hear what others are saying

Xavier Smith

What I appreciated about this tutorial is that you went at a slow enough pace for me to take in what you were saying but without feeling like I'm dragging through the video. Good work. Definitely subscribing.

Build a Modern Landing Page With Tailwind CSS

BeGeos Dev

Simple but effective. The best way to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is by building these kinds of things. And they also look very good on a portfolio. Great Job!

Build 3 Projects With HTML, CSS & JavaScript


I'm an hour in and had to stop and say that this is the best tailwind tutorial EVER!!! and this instructor is amazing. Blown away by the clarity and depth of explanation. It's such a skill to be able to teach this well. It's rarely seen on Youtube

Build a Modern Landing Page With Tailwind CSS

Bob Dempsey

Another great project. I like that you cover a lot of info on whatever technology you're using. Thanks!

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Dice theDev

Your Tutorial has change my Vue experience

Build A Weather App with Vue Js & Firebase

dragon ball mysteries

This Tailwind tutorial is the best one I have seen thanks John Komarnick.

Build a Modern Landing Page With Tailwind CSS

Who is John Komarnicki?

John Komarnicki is a front-end developer from the U.S. John specializes in the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript standards with several years of experience in Vue.js. In addition to his front-end experience, he is also comfortable with Firebase and Node.js on the backend.